Healthy und Happy Cooking Class

Yesterday I’ve had the pleasure to conduct a Healthy und Happy Cooking Workshop the amazing people at Searchmetrics.

It was lots of fun cooking with 12 lovely people, who all love to eat as I do 😉

We’ve made vegan shacshuca, which is an amazing israeli dish that I love.


We’ve also had a great israeli salad and pink yummy smoothie. And for dessert we’ve made a yummy blueberries ice cream which was to die for!


It’s so much fun to cook with others. Everyone has it’s own way of cooking and doing things in the kitchen and to have so many cool people come together and share their love to food and their own kitchen tips is pretty amazing to me.

Everybody had such a cool time and there was a really cool harmony between everyone that joined. I loved it and I can’t wait to do more of those amazing cooling classes.

I’ve had so much fun and I thank everybody for joining me.

Already have lots of ideas for the next Healthy und Happy Cooking Workshop.
Can’t wait to invite you all!Xx! Remi






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