10 rules to having a glowing skin

Wouldn’t you want to have radiant, flawless skin? We all do!

We all know that moment, when you’re standing in front of the mirror and all you want to see is a flawless skin. Guess what? It is up to us to make it happen.
There is direct connection between what we eat to our skin appearance.

Here are some important points that can help us:

First of all, it is important to know that the skin is our largest organ. It is the barrier between the inside and the outside, and all of our eating habits are immediately shown on our skin.

The secret to healthy skin is not about what you put ON your body, but what you put IN your body.

Many factors affect our skin health, genetics, age, climate, air pollution, nutrition, stress and hormonal fluctuations. However, the skin is usually affected by two main factors:
1. how effectively do our internal organs work, 2. whether we have enough vitamins and minerals in our body. These two factors also affect each other. Therefore the food has a huge impact on our skin condition. What we eat should be nutritious and healthy for our skin.

Here are 10 effective rules to have a flawless skin:

  1. Start your day right – first thing when waking up, drink a glass of hot water, after that drink another glass with half squeezed lemon. This will jump start your digestive system and help release toxins in a natural way.
  2. Drink Water – about 2-3 liters of water a day maintain the skin’s normal moisture level and give a glowing and healthy look. The proper amount of water is necessary to maintain the skin moisture and help the kidneys and colon detoxify.
  3. Eat foods with high levels of antioxidants – antioxidants can slow down the aging process of our body cells. Green vegetables and berries are the best source for natural antioxidants. A great way to get a handful of antioxidants is with fresh green smoothie a day.
    Why shouldn't we eat fruits as dessert?
  4. Make sure to be eating high fiber foods – the dietary fibers help the regular bowel movement and absorb toxins released during digestion and prevent them to absorb in the skin.
  5. Eat Fatty acids – combine them on a daily basis. Fatty acids preserve the skin’s flexibility by maintaining the health of collagen and elastin, which are 2 proteins that are found in our skin cells and are responsible of the elasticity of the skin cells.
    Healthy fatty acids are found in avocados, tahini, nuts, seeds ,flax seeds, vegetable oils, fish and tofu.
  6. Workout regularly – working out improves blood circulation and helps eliminate toxins from the body, what helps our skin look healthy and vital.
    I recommend choosing an activity you like to do, that way you can maintain at least 4 times a week routine.
  1. Reduce salt in your food. Excess sodium in our body systems leads to skin swelling and edema. There is great selection of salt-free natural substitutes. You can also try celery seeds, sea vegetables, salt free soy sauce.
  2. Avoid too much caffeine or alcohol, since they draw moisture out of our body and harm the proteins (collagen and elastin) that keep the skin tight and flexible.
    By the way, smoking does that as well. That’s why most smokers have grey skin.
  3. Reduce foods that are clogging: the worst ones are red meat, dairy products, processed foods, fried foods and foods that contain saturated fats or oils.
  4. Brush your skin – to improve the skin’s internal waste disposal process (more than a pound of waste is excreted through the skin daily).
    To effectively brush the skin you need a brush with rigid bristles, and do that on dry skin just before showering.
    Method: Start with the soles of your feet and continue up your legs with long brush strokes, then on your arms and down your back. Always brush upward towards the chest and do not touch sensitive points like moles, warts or varicose veins. Never use a brush on your face.


Yours, Remi


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I am a certified Naturopathic (N.D) and a Pilates trainer. On my way to make the world happier, healthier and full of love :) Join my healthy journey :)