How I stopped my hair from falling?

When I first moved to Germany (3 years ago – but who’s counting…), I started losing my hair. At the beginning, I thought it was just my body’s reaction to the change. And since I’m a naturopath, I thought: “well, you know what you should eat to make it better!!”. And so I did! I ate fruits, vegetables, whole foods and everything I thought that would help. But still something was missing.

Then, my skin started acting out and it got really bad. So now – not only that my hair is falling like crazy, also my skin looks horrible!!

I knew it means that something from the inside is missing, so I was in the search for a long time for something that can help. I tried all kinds of supplements, even things that used to help me in the past, but still nothing worked.

A few months ago, one photo on Facebook, changed everything!

I saw 2 lovely friends of mine talking about Juice Plus and how it helped them. So I thought, I might give it a shot.

I’ve been taking Juice Plus for 6 months now and let me tell you – My hair got STRONGER and is less falling. Even my hair stylist just told me that my hair is even thicker! My skin improved and looks more VITAL (it is still in recovery). My nails are so much stronger and they grow really fast now. And my energy levels – skyrocketed!!

It really helped my body to get everything it needed which I couldn’t get enough from food.

The funny thing about all this is that it’s the simplest thing that you can ever think of!! It is Fruits & Vegetables in capsules. That is it!

30 fruits and vegetables a day! As simple as that!

After seeing what it has done for me, for my friends and for other people I meet, I understand that this is exactly the support our bodies need to live to the max.

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