Why Pilates?

Why Pilates?

Before we’ll go into the facts about this amazing workout, let me tell you a bit about my story with Pilates.

The first time I came across Pilates was about 8 years ago when I was a member in a new local fitness studio in Eilat, Israel, where I used to live.

I remember having no idea what Pilates was, but I was in the search for an interesting workout routine. It was quite interesting because during the class, I almost didn’t feel any of my muscles works, but after the class I literally felt my muscles sore.

So I continued going to the class and with time I started noticing the changes in body.
I was always eating healthy and clean most of the time, but I had never before had a muscle definition showing. However, after a few weeks preforming Pilates, I started seeing how nice my body is getting in the nice shape I was wishing for.

After that, moving back to Tel Aviv, I continued with Pilates in a privet studio, which was specialized in reformer Pilates, and discovered a whole new world of movements.

You can definitely say that I fell in love with Pilates, and my dream was to learn how to teach it so that I can share this amazing system with as much people as I can.

It was a big dream of mine that I kind of kept in silent and thought that I will do it ‘one day’. As you guessed, that one-day never came till I decided to make it come.

Being new in Berlin, Germany was also a big experience by itself, and not necessarily the easiest. But I always knew that I’m gonna make my dream come true and become a Pilates teacher.

And so I did, and since then I can tell you that there is no greater feeling than the one I have after a Pilates class or a privet Pilates hour.

Pilates is by far the best thing that happened to me and my goal is to spread this love I have to Pilates wherever I go.

So here are some facts you must know about Pilates:

  • An amazing full body workout
  • Helps to lose weight – one hour of Pilates burns calories all day long!
  • Strengths the Core and lengthens the spin, therefore improves posture
  • Increases lung capacity, by focusing on efficiently breathing
  • Mind and body workout, and therefore also sharpens the mind
  • Heals and prevents back injuries and decreases back and joint aches
  • Improves muscle tone and flexibility
  • It can be tailored to individual needs

That is a also why I created the Pilates and the city events in Berlin. Which is a free outdoors Pilates class. For more information you can join me on Facebook or DM me.

If you do live in Berlin and are interested in a privet Pilates hour with me, DM me and I’ll get right back to you with more info.



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I am a certified Naturopathic (N.D) and a Pilates trainer. On my way to make the world happier, healthier and full of love :) Join my healthy journey :)