Hey, that’s me in the picture 🙂

I’m Remi and I’m so excited that you came here.

If you’re also a healthy eating and fitness freak like me, we’re gonna have lots of fun here together.

A bit about me…

As a child, I was never the skinny one or the best looking one. I was always the one that wanted to fit in to smaller sized jeans. I was the one that wished to be skinner.
At a very early age I started being curious about food and the effect it has on our bodies after we eat, and so I started investigating.

I’ve tried all kinds of diets, tricks and systems, but nothing really helped me until I learned how to live in peace with food.

10 years ago I’ve turned this passion of mine into my profession, and today I’m a naturopath, personal trainer and a Pilates teacher.

Today I help other women get into shape and losing weight. All through living in peace with food, loving yourself and understanding you deserve the best!

My purpose is to share my experience as much as I can so that others could have it easier than I had.

Conntact me! Can’t wait to hear from you!

Xx! Remi



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