• With personal training, we’ll have one on one workouts which I will build individually for you and your needs.
    Personal training for me means that we’re going into an amazing journey together, with the right trainings plan and nutrition tips that will help you to get the results you always wanted.The workouts can find place outside, in a gym or at the comfort of your home. Contact me so we can decide together what is the best option for you.


  • As a Pilates teacher, the way I see it, one hour Pilates burns calories the whole day long. Focusing on the Core muscles and breathing we can improve your flexibility, strengthen your spin and help old injuries heal.I teach individuals as well as small groups, so we can have a privet class at your home or we can have a friend join in and build a new Pilates group just for you.
    Contact me for more info.


  • With the understanding that with the right nutrition we can prevent any disease and help our body be stronger, I can help you with an individual nutrition plan that is fitting your lifestyle.



Personal Training / Privet Pilates 60 minutes = €75

If you buy 10 sessions at once, you will receive a 10% discount.

Train with a friend (Personal Training / Pilates) 60 minutes = €90

Nutrition Plan 60 minutes = €50

Drop me a message to book an appointment.


Remi Haik -personal trainer